We offer negotiation and consultancy services to our clients who have received claims for excessive legal costs.


"Helping drive down
the cost of litigation"

Areas of Expertise

We believe in developing strong, clear lines of communication with our clients and the total transparency of our work for them. Our main areas of practice are:

Driving down the costs of litigation

Quantum Solicitors specialise in representing paying parties’ interests, aiming to limit legal costs liabilities to proportionate and reasonable amounts. We vigorously challenge claimant costs.

Having adopted a “Policing” position in the market place we have successfully achieved our goal of reducing initial costs to more reasonable levels for our clients.

We are not looking for short term gains but for clients who recognise the need for a professional
service provider.


Challenging Solicitors' fees

Where your solicitors have delivered to you a Bill which is charged at more than initially quoted we are in a position to challenge the same if your Bill was sent to you within the last 12 months and has not been paid or alternatively even if the Bill has been paid there are circumstances in which it can be challenged.

Our market recognition was not achieved overnight. It has taken time to build both trust with our clients and a professional standing within the industry.